Fertility Specialist in New York

    • Egg Check Test A one visit sonogram and blood test to determine the aging of your eggs, followed by a consultation two weeks later to discuss the results.
    • Timed Intercourse CycleMonitoring (by serial blood tests and ultrasounds) to help determine the optimal timing for intercourse. Medication may or may not be used.
    • IUI Cycle (Intrauterine Insemination/ Artificial Insemination) Insemination of partner or donor sperm into the uterus at ovulation to increase the chances of egg fertilization. Monitoring required. Medication may or may not be used.
    • IVF Cycle (In Vitro Fertilization)Procedures during which mature eggs are collected (retrieved) from the ovaries, fertilized by partner or donor sperm in our lab, with the resulting embryo(s) implanted (transferred) into the uterus. Monitoring and medication required.
    • Mini IVF CycleIVF procedure (see above) using minimal medications and monitoring in order to retrieve only 1-2 eggs (maximum) for fertilization and transfer. Monitoring and medication required.
    • Cryo Cycle / FET (Frozen Embryos Transfer)The transfer of thawed embryos (frozen from a previous IVF cycle) to your uterus. Monitoring required. Medication usually required.
    • Donor Egg CycleEggs from a known or anonymous donor are fertilized with your partner’s or donor sperm, with the resulting embryos transferred to your uterus. Monitoring and medication are required.
    • PGD or PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis or Screening) – A test used in addition to an IVF cycle. PGD requires a biopsy (removal of a few cells) of each embryo followed by genetic testing of those cells to determine if an embryos is normal (no disease), a carrier (has the disease trait), or affected (has the disease). Karyotype (counting of chromosomes) is also performed in conjunction with the PGD testing to determine if the embryo has the normal number (46) of chromosomes.
    • Fertility PreservationThis option provides women the ability to freeze their eggs or embryos now, so they can try to achieve pregnancy at a later time.
    • NON-FERTILITY SERVICES – Our highly trained specialists also treat women who have: