Fertility Care for Military Personnel

Our reproductive centers are proud to offer our in-vitro fertilization services, at gracious discounts, to retired veterans currently facing infertility issues caused during their time serving our country. At NYU Langone Reproductive Specialists of New York, our double board certified physicians and dedicated office personnel feel honored because we now have the opportunity to stand up and use our talents to help veterans in need. As an establishment of our loyalty, all of our various offices have formally agreed to take part in the Service to Veterans Program. As part of our participation in the Service to Veterans Program, we also offer active veterans the option to preserve their ability to have children by saving their eggs or sperm.

All treatment options offered through our involvement in the Service to Veterans Program are readily available at reduced prices. We always try to set our rates at an affordable price in order to alleviate financial strains or pressure while we wait for Congress to lift the ban on coverage for IVF.

Background of Service to Veterans Program

The Service to Veterans Program is a fertility program developed by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and the Society for Assisted Reproduction Technology (SART) in a joint effort to make reproductive services more accessible to retired and active veterans with service-related injuries. Both ASRM and SART, decided to create the program because reproductive services such as sperm extraction, egg freezing, embryo preservation, artificial insemination, or in-vitro fertilization are not covered by the TRICARE military health care program for retired veterans. Instead, TRICARE only offers military health care coverage towards the fertility needs of severely wounded personnel who are active veterans, not retired veterans. Nevertheless, ASRM and SART clearly recognized a huge deficiency in TRICARE’s military health care plan when thinking about retired veterans in need of fertility services.

For instance, having children is not always top of mind for active veterans who were just severely injured on the job. However, after retiring from their duties they may decide to settle down and start a family. When that time comes, they should not have to suffer through the repercussions of service related injuries that have impaired their fertility alone. For this reason and more, NYU Langone Reproductive Specialists of New York is extremely passionate about our decision to join forces with ASRM and SART for such a captivating cause.

Wounded veterans, both active and retired, deserve the help they need with in vitro fertilization costs and fertility preservation services. For thousands of young veterans across America, putting the traumatic effects and memories of war behind them is a continual, every day challenge. For some veterans, the option to start a family is an extremely crucial and dramatic part of their healing process. To think that U.S. military veterans are out there having tremendous troubles with their ability to reproduce due to the battle scars they’ve received fighting for our country is heartbreaking. Infertility- related injuries that have left these individuals incapable of starting families on their own should be recognized. We hope our involvement in the Service to Veterans Program ultimately inspires positive change in congress.

Program Eligibility and Requirements

The Service to Veterans Program is a military fertility program for U.S. veterans, both active and retired. Our program is also extended to the spouses of active and retired veterans. To find out more information about the exact nature of our discounts and eligibility criteria, please email us at info@rsofny.com or visit our contact page for a complete list of telephone numbers and locations. Or, simply submit an online appointment request today.