Medical Fertility Preservation in New York

The RS of NY doctors see two types of cancer patients:

1. Newly diagnosed patients

2. Long term survivor patients

Newly diagnosed patients need help with fertility preservation before beginning cancer treatment. Many cancer treatments can cause permanent sterilization and many cancer survivors need help in order to have a child. The needs of these patients are distinct from those of standard infertility patients and RS of NY can help them cope with these complex issues. Newly diagnosed cancer patients are dealing with a double-blow, cancer and possible infertility. The RS of NY doctors and staff provide rapid response and sensitivity to patients with a new diagnosis of cancer.

We understand that this is a great deal to address at one time. We are here to make it easier.

Long term survivors have different needs. Often they do not have banked tissue and require assessment of fertility and good advice regarding their best options for parenthood. Consideration must be given to the use of hormone medications and the risk of recurrence in these patients.

The types of treatments provided include:

· Egg Freezing which is usually done when the patient has no male partner

· Embryo (Egg Fertilized with Sperm) Freezing which is usually done when the patient has a male partner

· Cryopreservation which is done to preserve the future fertility in children and adults with cancer or who are may be receiving radiation or cancer drugs that can damage the egg reserve or who are getting a procedure that would result in a removal of their ovaries.

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