Fertility Preservation in Long Island, NY

Fertility Preservation is a technique available to women and men and allows them to freeze either their eggs, embryos (fertilized eggs), or sperm for future use.  This allows the person the opportunity to increase their chances of having a child in the future.

We perform two types of fertility preservation for women.  We can freeze eggs only or eggs fertilized with sperm (embryos).  If a woman does not have a male partner, we can freeze eggs, embryos, or a combination of the two.  If a woman does have a male partner, she can opt to freeze as embryos (with her male partner), eggs only, or a combination of the two.

We also provide different types of fertility preservation for women.  We can freeze for elective and medical reasons.  Elective fertility preservation is performed because the woman or man is not ready to have a child right now.  There are many reasons such as having no male partner or having/pursuing a career/education presently.  Medical fertility preservation is performed due to a medical condition that will directly affect the person’s fertility and preservation of eggs, embryos, or sperm would help to improve future chances of having a child.  The most common reason for medical fertility preservation is due to cancer and chemotherapy medications.

New York Egg Freezing and Preservation

All of our women patients who inquire about our Fertility Preservation Program will undergo our Egg Check Test. We will commonly check to see how old your eggs are first with our Egg Check Test. This test has been developed by us to help you determine the age of your eggs. It involves a combination of the woman’s age, Day 3 FSH and Estradiol, Basal Antral Follicle Count (as determined by pelvic ultrasound), and ovarian volume (as determined by pelvic ultrasound). Once all this information is received, consultation with our board certified physician is done to help you determine your best options for getting pregnant now or, if you are not ready to get pregnant, help determine when is a good time to freeze your eggs in order to optimize your future fertility.

We also perform fertility preservation for men.  We can freeze sperm for future chances at having a child.  This can be done if the man is about to have surgery, has a medical condition, or will be taking medications that can affect future fertility.

We always have a discussion with our patients to determine the best steps to optimize their chance for having a child in the future.

Please contact NYU Langone RS of NY at one of our four convenient locations for more information.

Egg Check Test 

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Cancer and Fertility Preservation 

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Biological Clock 

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