Fertility Programs in New York

Donor Egg Program – The Donor Egg Program provides the opportunity for women who may not produce normal, healthy eggs due to various reasons, to achieve pregnancy using an egg donated by a screened known or anonymous egg donor. Maria Saketos, M.D., Director.


Genetics Program – The Genetics Program provides Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis or Screening (PGD or PGS) using embryo cells to determine if an embryo is normal (no disease), a carrier (has the disease trait), of affected (has the disease). Karyotype (counting of the chromosomes) is also performed in conjunction with the PGD testing to determine if the embryos has the normal number (46) of chromosomes. James Stelling, M.D., Director.


Fertility Preservation Program – The Fertility Preservation Program provides the opportunity to both women and men to freeze their eggs, embryos, or sperm, for use in a later attempt at pregnancy. Linda Sung, M.D., Director.