Fertility Programs in Long Island

Due to various medical conditions, some women experience difficulty conceiving on their own. The donor egg program at NYU Langone RSofNY provides any qualified individual who may not be able to produce healthy eggs a special opportunity to achieve pregnancy. Eggs are obtained through gracious donations from certified and screened egg donors both from known or anonymous individuals. Our fertility team at NYU Langone RSofNY will screen all eggs donated to ensure the success of your pregnancy and the developmental health of the child. If you’d like to learn more about the egg donor process or how you can become an egg donor, please reach out to Maria Saketos, M.D., the Director of our egg donor program in New York.

Genetics Program for Embryo Analysis

The NYU Langone RSofNY genetics program provides comprehensive embryo analysis services to help inform a parent or couple of the potential health risks to their child. Best utilized before an IVF procedure, the diagnostic exams performed by our technicians reveal information on carriers of disease traits, which embryos are in good condition and the karyotype of chromosomes. Through a Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) and Screening (PGS), patients of our genetics counseling programs will receive side-by-side assistance from our team, before initiating the IVF process.

Fertility Preservation Program

Many things in life, especially starting a family, take a lot of planning. Life comes at you fast and sometimes you may feel like you’re not just quite ready yet to follow through with such monumental decisions just yet. The Fertility Preservation Program with NYU Langone RSofNY provides the opportunity for both women and men to freeze their eggs, embryos or sperm for use in a later attempt at pregnancy. It’s commonly understood that fertility declines as we age. Luckily, opting to use these preservation tactics is safely stores your current fertility with the same rate of success. Essentially, this procedure safeguards the health of your fertility at the exact age in which you chose to undergo preservation. To learn more about the service, we invite you to speak with our director, Linda Sung, M.D.

Speak with a Fertility Specialist Near You

The NYU Langone Reproductive Specialists of New York invite you to explore the treatment options we offer to women and men in need of fertility assistance and guidance. Our treatment options encompass a wide range of comprehensive service to ensure your path to starting a family is as stress free as possible. We’d love to make your dreams of pregnancy come true and it all starts with one phone call. We encourage you to contact us to schedule an appointment and meet with the rest of the NYU Langone RSofNY team so you can receive the care you deserve!