Fertility Preservation and Reproductive Care

Many couples know that they want children one day, but may not know when the time will be right. We know that fertility isn’t forever, which is why fertility preservation in Mineola, New York is an excellent option. Fertility preservation is the technique of freezing eggs, embryos, and/or sperm for future use. This allows an individual or couple the freedom to have a child when the time is right for them, rather than having the pressure of time constraints.  At Reproductive Services of New York, we perform fertility preservation in Mineola for both elective and medical reasons.

Fertility Preservation Options

Fertility preservation for elective reasons means that the individual or couple is choosing to have their fertility preserved simply so that they have the option in the future. This is typically chosen because the couple or individual is not ready to have a child yet. Fertility preservation in Mineola that is done for medical reasons is typically performed because the patient will not be able to conceive due to medical reasons. This may be because of cancer, chemotherapy, or medications. Whatever your reason, Reproductive Services of New York in Mineola is ready to guide you through the process.

Women have two types of fertility preservation in Mineola open to choose from. If a woman does not have a male partner, she can have her eggs frozen. This is an excellent option for women who know they want to have a child, but have not yet found a partner. For women with a partner, they can have an embryo frozen in Mineola. An embryo is the female’s egg fertilized with her partner’s sperm.  Men may choose to have their sperm frozen in Mineola. This will allow it to be used in the future.

Egg Supply Testing in Long Island, NY

So, how does the fertility preservation process in Mineola, New York work? Every woman in this program will begin with an egg test check. This test takes into account a woman’s age, Day 3 FSH and Estradiol, Basal Antral Follicle Count (as determined by pelvic ultrasound), and ovarian volume (as determined by pelvic ultrasound). After consulting with one of our fertility specialists in Mineola, we can help you determine your options for conceiving based on your needs and desires. Our goal is to optimize your fertility in Mineola so that you can successfully conceive when you and your partner are ready.

If you are interested in any of the fertility preservation procedures available at Reproductive Services of New York’s Mineola location, then call us today at (516) 739-2100. Our office is conveniently located at 200 Old Country Rd. Suite 350 Mineola, NY 11501. We look forward to helping you preserve your fertility.