Embryology Services in Long Island, NY

The NYU Langone RS of NY Embryology team is made up of 5 master’s level embryologists and one master’s candidate. Combined, they have over 5 decades of human embryology experience. Because NYU Langone RSofNY houses the busiest embryology laboratory in the area, this means that each embryologist working here performs more micromanipulation procedures than embryologists in other laboratories. NYU Langone RSofNY was one of the first laboratories in the area to offer embryo biopsy, which is now routinely used in conjunction with genetic analysis to help ensure that they establish a healthy pregnancy. NYU Langone RSofNY has been freezing oocytes for over 2 decades and now has the largest donor egg bank on Long Island. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes a low oxygen tension, small chamber incubation system and our non-sequential culture medium protocol. These designs have allowed us to achieve the highest blastocyst conversion rates possible. Our team works closely with scientists, medical residents, and students to publish research studies that are of interest to the embryology community, as well as valuable to the infertility clinicians including the physicians, nurses, and andrologists.

Excellent Customer Service From Our Embryology Team

It really has been the excellence in customer service provided by our embryology team that sets us apart from other infertility practices. Our team is dedicated to each and every patient and strives to provide patients with courteous responses to their inquiries in a timely fashion, usually delivered the same day. Our team’s goal is ensure that every patient that proceeds through IVF treatment is well informed, even if the patient has a limited background in biology and human reproduction. Even if patients do have specific knowledge of the human body and how our reproductive organs function, or in some cases how they cease to function, infertility treatment can feel overwhelming. We work to help patients understand the bumps in the road that their journey to parenthood may present, and we help them navigate the twists and turns so that they feel empowered to realize their goal of conceiving.

Speak With Our Embryologists

There are many opportunities for you to interact with our embryologists by phone, email, or in person, including our monthly IVF Orientation program. If you are considering IVF as an treatment option, the IVF Orientation meeting is the first place to start. There you meet members of our embryology team, see pictures and videos of gametes and embryos, learn more about ovarian stimulation, as well as what micromanipulation options are available to you. You can RSVP for these sessions by calling one of our offices.