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Very few people think about their fertility until it is too late because scientific discoveries in the past few decades have revolutionized healthcare. Modern medicine can now diagnose disorders that had mystified healthcare providers for centuries.

It is no wonder that so many young people believe they have plenty of time to enjoy life before they have to think about their fertility. It would stand to reason that, if so many advances have been made in treatments of other disorders, infertility must also be a curable, treatable disorder.

RSNY_Clock_Graph-300x224Unfortunately, this is not entirely true. Although the fields of reproductive endocrinology and clinical embryology have made countless advances in recent decades, a viable treatment for age-related infertility continues to elude researchers. Even today, as we begin to construct artificial organs to treat other disorders, we cannot turn back the hands of time to heal aging reproductive organs. As women approach the age of 35, reproductive capacity begins a sharp decline until the ovaries cease to function altogether. For most men, this process is staved off for another decade or so but, eventually, they will also begin the descent to age-related infertility.

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With very thoughtful planning, women can achieve all the milestones they set their minds to accomplishing. However, the biological clock keeps ticking. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could freeze time? Actually…we can.

Today’s women of healthy reproductive age (under 35 years old) have the option of freezing their eggs and keeping them in storage until they are ready to start a family. For nearly a decade, Reproductive Specialists of New York has been providing egg freezing (vitrification) for patients with a medical diagnosis that may render them infertile. We now also offer this service to healthy women who choose to preserve their fertility options for the future.

Egg vitrification has been proven safe and effective. Genetic studies have shown there is no increase in chromosomal abnormalities. In fact, healthy babies conceived via frozen eggs are now being born all the time. The key to successful treatment is to begin the process early.