Reproductive Egg Check Test

If you live in Mineola, New York and plan on one day having children, consider an egg test check at Reproductive Services of New York. So many young people in Mineola, located in Nassau County, and the surrounding area do not start thinking about their fertility until it is too late. Scientific discoveries have revolutionized fertility care, and the specialists at Reproductive Services of New York are trained in the early diagnosis and treatment of fertility issues beginning with an egg test check in Mineola, NY.


As women in Mineola approach the age of 35, fertility and reproductive capabilities begins to take a sharp decline. This decline continues until a woman’s ovaries fail to function. Unfortunately, even with all the medical advancements we have made, there is no sure “cure” for infertility.


As a busy and successful woman in Minoela, you are working to achieve all of the goals and milestones you would like to hit before having children. This is excellent, but unfortunately your “biological clock” continues to tick regardless of your goals. At Reproductive Services of New York, we want you to be able to achieve all of your goals before having kids, but we also want you to easily have kids. With egg freezing (vitrification) in Mineola, this is all possible.


Women in Mineola who are of a healthy reproductive age, 35 years old or younger, have the option to freeze their healthy eggs and keep them in storage until they are ready to start a family on their own time. Don’t let your biological clock get in the way of achieving your goals!


This safe and effective method of preserving fertility has shown to have no adverse effects on the baby born in Mineola. The rates of babies born via egg freezing is continuing to increase, as women realize the excellent benefits of having children on their own time. At Reproductive Services of New York in Mineola, we have had great success with egg vitrification the earlier we start the process in a woman’s life.


To discuss if you are a good candidate for egg freezing, give our Mineola office a call today at (516) 739-2100, or visit us at 200 Old Country Rd #350, Mineola, NY 11501. We welcome you to learn about your options with an egg test check in Mineola so that we can determine which fertility preservation method will work best for you as an individual.