NYU Langone RS of NY egg donor team

Egg Donor Program in Long Island

Donor eggs are an option for women who don’t produce normal, healthy eggs due to age, genetic disease carrier status, diminished ovarian function, premature ovarian failure, or history of cancer treatment. Our donor egg program uses both agency and known donors. There is no wait for a donor. All donors are personally screened by NYU Langone RS of NY.

Known donation means that the donor is known to the patient and maybe a relative or friend. In this case, the donor must pass all the same screening tests as an anonymous donor must pass. Sexually-intimate same-sex partners may sometimes opt to transfer one woman’s eggs to her partner once they have been fertilized with donor sperm. If either partner has IVF insurance coverage, this type of cycle may cover some of the costs. Anonymous donors are primarily obtained through the assistance of a Donor Egg Agency.

Become an Egg Donor in Long Island, New York

These donors undergo medical screening at NYU Langone RS of NY but are chosen by the patient. Patients can view online profiles that will include the Donor’s photographs. Donor and agency fees vary. 50/50 cycles are a way of doing anonymous donations at a reduced cost. Essentially, this means that the patient gets half of the eggs and allows NYU Langone RS of NY to freeze the remaining eggs for the NYU Langone RS of NY Egg Bank. Women wishing to freeze eggs for their own future use may defray the costs of IVF by donating some of their eggs to the NYU Langone RS of NY egg bank. Screening criteria must be fulfilled to qualify for this option.