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4 Tips for Reducing Stress During Fertility Treatment

Beginning a new fertility treatment is an exciting yet nerve-racking experience. Dealing with both infertility and the hope of possibly conceiving can make for a difficult time. Know that you are not alone and that this is a common experience for many couples and future parents. Here are four tips to help you reduce your stress during this delicate process.

1. Allow Yourself to Breathe & Release Emotions

It is understandable that this is a stressful time. There is nothing shameful about feeling negative or doubtful about this treatment. Dealing with both infertility and the question of when or whether you will conceive can make for a difficult time. However, don’t keep these feelings bottled up inside. Instead of holding onto these negative emotions, let yourself feel and then release them so that you can begin to make room for positive, hopeful emotions about the future.

2. Don’t Pause Your Life

The one thing you should not do is put your life on hold for this treatment. If you’re not keeping yourself busy, you can easily get stuck in your own mind stressing about your current situation. Go to work, visit friends and family, and allow yourself to have fun! Get involved in something new – a new hobby, class, or volunteer work – that will keep your mind off pregnancy. Time flies while you’re having fun, and you’ll find that your worries will magically disappear as well when you’re not dwelling upon them.

3. Try Relaxation Exercises

Meditation, breathing exercises, and good old fashioned yoga can help you relax. These relaxation exercises will help your mind stay clear in the same way that keeping yourself busy with activities will do. Yoga has also traditionally been known to reduce the production of stress hormones and also increase your chances of getting pregnant. Also try to practice deep breathing; an exercise that involves taking a slow, deep breath from your stomach, akin to sighing.

4. Keep a Positive Support Group

Now is not the time for naysayers and negative energy to invade your life. If you let the negative words of friends, family, and even your partner get into your head, you may start to believe that conceiving will depend on following their advice, which may not always be the best course. Focus on yourself and the path you are currently taking, and surround yourself with a positive support group. Your partner, coworkers, gym buddies, and any other positive people in your life who offer unconditional support can uplift you when you feel alone. Make it a point to involve yourself with them by trying a new activity or having a dinner date. Knowing that your loved ones are there for you when you need it the most is one of the most rewarding experiences of fertility treatments.

Fertility Treatments in New York

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