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A Guide to Advocate for FAFTA in New York State

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Here’s How to Push for the Fertility Treatment You Deserve

Introduced to the Senate and Assembly on January 20th, 2017, the Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act is playing a crucial role in providing affordable, insurance-covered fertility treatment to deserving men and women across the state of New York. Along with the strong support of NYU Langone Reproductive Specialists of New York, RESOLVE – the National Infertility Association – is standing behind this game-changing bill, making sure that the advocates for fertility treatment from the State of New York meet the Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act with the same unmatched support. RESOLVE has spoken out recently about ways to get involved.


Become Familiar with the Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act

Last updated on January 23rd, 2017, the Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act is a bill that pushes for non-discriminatory language, which allows all individuals who are eligible to receive insurance coverage for infertility treatment, and extends the infertility insurance mandate in New York to also include in vitro fertilization and fertility preservation for cancer patients. RESOLVE supports this bill, and is working hard to make others aware and advocate for its positive growth in New York State.


Sign Up for New York Advocacy Day

The second annual New York Advocacy Day is hosted by RESOLVE, taking place on Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. The event will be held at the Convention Center in the Empire State Plaza in Albany, New York. A free event, attendees’ voices will be heard as the New York family building community speaks to members of the New York State Legislature about important fertility issues, and ways to improve the Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act. There are a number of people that would benefit New York Advocacy Day, especially those who wish to educate New York state’s elected officials about infertility, men and women who want insurance coverage for in vitro fertilization, those who believe fertility preservation should be covered for cancer patients and other sick people whose treatment may interfere with natural fertility, and those who believe access to all family building options – including gestational surrogacy – should be available to New York residents.


Schedule a Meeting with a New York State Legislator

Volunteering your time to meet with a New York State legislator is an effective and simple way to make your voice heard loud and clear in regards to the Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act and how you feel about its future. First, look up your state senator and assembly member. Next, find their contact information, preferably the district phone number. When put into contact with a secretary, request a meeting with the senator or assembly member, and explain that you would like to discuss a bill that you’d like their support for in the next legislative session. If for some reason your lawmaker is unavailable, ask to meet with another staff member who handles health and/or insurance issues.

Once you’ve set a date and time in place, preparing for the important meeting is the next step; you can do so by downloading and becoming familiar with RESOLVE’s list of talking points, and bringing specific handouts to share with the legislator. These handouts include the New York Legislative Agenda, the In Vitro Fertilization Cost Fact Sheet, a RESOLVE Memo of Support, Coalition to Help Families Struggling with Infertility Letter of Support, a Memorial Sloan Kettering Memo of Support, and a Columbia Letter of Support.


Spread the News with Social Media

Those who are seriously passionate about getting others the fertility treatment they deserve can do so by utilizing their presence on social media. You can start by “liking” and “following” the Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act’s Facebook page – this is a platform for movers and shakers to share important upcoming events to attend, noteworthy news articles pertaining to infertility and the law, and a great form of open discussion for people who care about improving the Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act just as much as you do. RESOLVE has also provided a list of social media materials people are free to use; this list includes campaign hashtags to be used on all forms of social media, statuses for Facebook, sample tweets for Twitter, and powerful quote images to be shared on Pinterest, Instagram or any other outlet you’d like.

Support FAFTA in New York

The NYU Langone Reproductive Specialists of New York are a team of physicians who are passionate about providing infertility treatment and supporting the expansion of the Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act to include cancer patients, and other sick men and women who need affordable fertility treatment. If you’re a New York resident seeking fertility treatment, please contact our office by filling out a form on our website.