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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Freezing Your Eggs

Why Freeze Your Eggs?

Egg freezing, also known as fertility preservation, involves the process of fertile women having a select number of eggs removed from their bodies and frozen for future use. Some women choose to have these eggs fertilized and have the embryo frozen, while others simply want their eggs frozen for fertilization at a later date. There are many reasons why women choose to freeze their eggs. For some women, they are busy with careers but want the option to build a family later. In other instances, a woman may be preparing for chemotherapy treatment and want some eggs saved before the medicine potentially damages those eggs. If you are one of the many women considering freezing her eggs, then be sure to ask yourself these five questions before booking your consultation.

1. Is this the right solution?

Before taking the dive into egg freezing, ensure that this is the right solution to your fertility and family-building goals. Sit down and determine why it is so important for you to freeze your eggs. Are you concerned with not having viable eggs left by the time you are ready to build a family? Are you about to be deployed? Are you worried about disease or some other factor affecting your fertility in the future? If any of these reasons ring true, then it is probably the best time to begin thinking about freezing your eggs, while those are still healthy and viable.

2. Is this the right timing?

You also want to consider the actual timing. Will you be able to take off a few days from work for appointments and the retrieval? Are there any other stressful life events currently going on? Pick a time to freeze your eggs when life is as least hectic as possible. Also be sure to have a general timeline for when you would like to be pregnant, as this timeline will impact when it is the best time to freeze for the best chances of success.

3. Will I be able to make it through the process?

Freezing your eggs isn’t a quick and easy process. It requires the patient to undergo the same drug treatment as IVF, so that the optimal number of eggs can be retrieved. This provides a better selection of the strongest eggs. These drugs must be self-injected into the abdomen and have some common side effects that may be uncomfortable for some women. The retrieval process is usually quick and painless, but women should nevertheless be prepared for the realities of freezing their eggs.

4. Do I have the financial security to freeze my eggs?

Egg freezing is not cheap. But if building a family on your own time is important to you, then it is absolutely worth it. Ensure you have the financial security to pay for the egg-freezing process. For some women, such as women preparing for active duty, there may be discounts you can use to your advantage. When considering costs, also consider the storage costs of the frozen eggs, as well as the costs of fertilizing and implanting the eggs when you are ready to have children. Egg freezing does, however, save women thousands of dollars in fertility treatments they would potentially need down the line without their frozen eggs. It may even allow them the opportunity to have children with their own eggs since the quality of older eggs decline with time.

5. Do I have a support system to rely on during the good and bad?

Lastly, a support system is key in making your final decision to freeze your eggs. While the decision is absolutely yours and only yours, having the support of a partner, friends and/or family members makes the process a bit easier. Have at least one person (even a therapist will do) that you can rely on throughout this process. It is important to note that egg freezing isn’t a guarantee that you will have a successful pregnancy one day, so having support is vital to persevering through the good and the bad.

Learn More About Freezing Your Eggs in New York

The NYU Langone Reproductive Specialists of New York have been helping women all over New York to freeze their eggs and eventually achieve healthy live births. We guide our patients through each step of the process to ensure they are healthy enough to freeze their eggs with successful outcomes. Starting with an egg test check and ending in the egg-freezing process, our specialists will be by your side through it all. Contact NYU Langone RS of NY today to learn more about fertility preservation.