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Finding Support During Your Fertility Treatment

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Where to Seek Help During Your Fertility Treatment

Whether you are in the middle of a fertility treatment cycle, just finished, or are just beginning to look into it as a possibility for having a baby – one thing is the same for everyone, a support system is absolutely necessary. On a surface level, most people think that they can easily seek support from family and friends. However, sometimes it is a better idea to seek support from professionals and others going through the same treatment. Here are some of our support recommendations in New York for women going through the process of fertility treatment.


Support Services in New York

NYU Langone Reproductive Specialists of New York (NYU Langone RSofNY) proudly offers a network and guide of support services in New York for women and couples going through fertility treatment. These programs vary depending on one’s needs, and are highly recommended for individual health.



A nutritionist is an expert in all things food and nutrition. You will be amazed at how your diet and eating habits may be impacting your ability to get pregnant. When sitting down with a nutritionist for support, you will learn more about the foods you should be eating to create the most habitable space for a baby. Each nutritionist creates a customized plan for patients to follow to achieve their best version of themselves. This isn’t about going on a “diet.” Nutrition is about making healthy, long-term decisions for your body.



Sure, you may have your family and friends’ support, but sometimes it is best to seek professional help. Speaking with a psychologist allows you to talk without the filter that you may have to put on with friends and family. Psychologists are trained to help women going through fertility treatment navigate their emotions in healthy ways while reducing levels of stress. It provides an excellent outlet for couples and individuals to sort out how they are feeling to someone who is neutral within their life. Tensions and emotions run high during the fertility treatment process, and it is completely normal and healthy to seek professional guidance from a psychologist. Bottling up emotions is toxic, creating high stress levels that make fertility treatments such as IVF less successful.


Support Groups

At NYU Langone RSofNY, we highly recommend support groups for women and couples going through fertility treatment. Fortunately, in today’s day and age, many people can find support groups in physical spaces as well as online spaces. Many people are surprised and comforted to find how many other women are experiencing similar emotions and side effects to their treatments. Opening up about your feelings with other people who can relate firsthand is a refreshing and healthy way to get through this process.


Contact NYU Langone RSofNY For Fertility Treatment Support

We all need support at different times in our lives. No one is invincible especially when it comes to fertility treatment. Seeking support during this emotional and trying time is absolutely essential to keeping both one’s mind and body as healthy as possible. If you are in the process of fertility treatment or about to start fertility treatment, contact NYU Langone RSofNY to learn more about fertility treatment support in New York.