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Is Summer the Best Time to Do an IVF Cycle?

IVF Treatment in the Summer

For most, summertime means tons of tanning, days spent at the beach, long awaited vacation and a much needed period of relaxation. For women who struggle with infertility, however, the warm months of June, July and August mean something entirely different: Another chance at a successful In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle. Here are some benefits to IVF treatment during the summer months.

Benefits of IVF in the Summer

Increased Mood and Happiness 

Sure, everyone is prone to stress throughout the entirety of each calendar year – but the summer season is arguably one that leaves everyone a whole lot happier, and a lot less anxious. Aside from the vacations, beach trips, ‘Summer Friday’s’ at the office and seasonal barbeques, there’s a scientific – and obvious – reason as to why the warm months amp up our happiness levels: Sunlight. Since the sun is shining for an extended period of time, people are able to spend more hours soaking in all that Vitamin D. Consequently, the more time a person spends in the sunlight, the better their mood – caused by the increased retinal light exposure. Because the season’s sun causes people to be happier, those women who opt to try an IVF cycle during that time frame are a lot less stressed out – and since stress is a large factor that often negatively affects an IVF outcome, there is a better chance for pregnancy if a woman is experiencing feelings of an improved mood.

Extended Periods of Time  

In addition to the other benefits for a positive IVF cycle that the summer has to offer, the days are literally longer in the northern hemisphere than in any other seasons’. The ellipse in its orbit causes the earth to be farther away from the sun. The Earth tilts during this period, causing the hemisphere to be angled toward the sun – which, in turn, makes the daylight last longer. These longer hours of sunlight mean that women have a lot more quality time to spend with their partner – a huge upside if they are undergoing fertility treatment. This surplus of quality time with a partner or family is invaluable; now is the time, more than ever, to lean on each other for support.

 A Lighter Schedule

Taking time off during any of the other seasons can be difficult. During the summer, taking a little time off is more than expected, making it a little easier to take the time you need for a successful IVF procedure. Things are simply less busy during the summer, so you will have more time – and less stress – during your cycle.

Try IVF This Summer

As amazing as the results of IVF can be, going through a cycle is an equally trying time. Factors such as age, egg quality and lifestyle habits all serve as make-or-break roadblocks to success, something women reportedly struggle with when undergoing their own cycle.  If you are considering IVF treatment, and find yourself questioning whether or not to try it out this summer, the answer is easy: Yes! With mood-boosting sunlight, more time with your partner and nature to prove it, the season is full of reasons to try and conceive.

Don’t let underlying factors and frustration get in your way – contact the NYU Langone Reproductive Specialists of New York today, and speak with an experienced, board-certified doctor about beginning an IVF procedure this summer. A team that is truly dedicated to helping you achieve your dream of a healthy baby, the NYU Langone Reproductive Specialists of New York will accompany you during this important, exciting and life-changing time.